Steven Liu

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We exploited the exceptional thermal stability and diverse molecular shapes of higher diamondoids (C22 and higher polymantanes) to isolate them from petroleum. Molecules containing 4 to 11 diamond-crystal cages were isolated and crystallized, and we obtained single-crystal x-ray structures for representatives from three families. Rigidity, strength,(More)
— This paper addresses robust control and scheduling codesign for networked embedded control systems (NECS) with uncertain but interval-bounded time-varying computation and communication delays. The NECS is modeled as a discrete-time switched linear system with polytopic uncertainty. A robust receding-horizon control and scheduling problem with a quadratic(More)
Natural forests in southern China have been severely logged due to high human demand for timber , food, and fuels during the past century, but are recovering in the past decade. The objective of this study was to investigate how vegetation cover changes in composition and structure affected the water budgets of a 9.6-km 2 Dakeng watershed located in a humid(More)