Steven Letendre

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Executive Summary Electric-drive vehicles can become an important resource for the California electric utility system, with consequent air pollution, system reliability, and economic benefits. We refer to electric power resources from vehicles as "Vehicle to Grid" power (V2G). The economic value of some forms of V2G appear high, more than enough to offset(More)
The results of an empirical, case-study analysis demonstrate that PV will become cost-effective as a distributed resource long before it becomes a costeffective, central station, energy supply option. This conclusion is based on the assumption that the nontraditional benefits that distributed PV systems offer to the electrical system and to utility(More)
The use of batteries to provide storage for photovoltaic power has been evaluated in various contexts. In gridconnected applications, batteries can serve to provide firm peak-shaving for distributed PV installations. To date, however, the use of batteries from parked electricdrive vehicles (EDV) to provide buffer storage for PV capacity value has not been(More)
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