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  • Joseph Zerega, Steven Lerner, Dr. James H. Meyer
  • 1988
Many believe that intragastric deactivation of lipase accounts for the frequent failure of orally ingested pancreatic enzymes to normalize fat absorption in patients with pancreatic insufficiency. To test this hypothesis, we measured fat absorption from a large test meal in six patients with pancreatic insufficiency after we had instilled Viokase directly(More)
Acute mesenteric ischemia is a severe and challenging disease. Unspecific symptoms in the initial phase make a fast diagnosis difficult although it is of major importance to protect patients from irreversible ischemia, extended bowel resection, sepsis and death in the late phase. In contrast to troponin as an early biomarker for cardiac ischemia, a reliable(More)
A systemic approach to resistance allows the individual therapist to appreciate the adaptive, protective, systems-maintaining aspects of "help-rejecting" behaviors which might otherwise elicit negatively toned interventions that serve to heighten or rigidify a resistant impasse. This article illustrates how a systemic perspective assists the(More)
  • S Lerner
  • 1993
In 1993, the Colegio de Mexico began the Reproductive Health and Society Program with Ford Foundation support to promote high level research and teaching in reproductive health from a multidisciplinary social science perspective. The program also aims to promote training in the social aspects of health among senior personnel responsible for service(More)