Steven Lee

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The traditional theory of the just war comprises two sets of principles, one governing the resort to war (jus ad bellum) and the other governing the conduct of war (jus in bello). The two sets of principles are regarded, in Michael Walzer's words, as " logically independent. It is perfectly possible for a just war to be fought unjustly and for an unjust war(More)
Over the past decade, many techniques for imaging systems at a resolution greater than the diffraction limit have been developed. These methods have allowed systems previously inaccessible to fluorescence microscopy to be studied and biological problems to be solved in the condensed phase. This brief review explains the basic principles of super-resolution(More)
This paper proposes an improved wavelet-based method for the delineation of T wave in the electrocardiogram by using multiscale dif-operator (MDO). MDO was employed to automatically categorize the T wave into one of the three categories of T wave morphologies and to improve the precision of T wave delineation for each category. The new algorithm was(More)
This paper reports on the design, development and evaluation of a bilingual telephone-based spoken language system for foreign exchange inquiries-the CU FOREX system. The telephone-based system supports Cantonese and English in a single spoken language interface to access real-time foreign exchange information. The specific domain covers information on the(More)
This paper reports on our research and development effort in human-computer spoken language interfaces, capable of processing English and Chinese, including two dialects for Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua). This is the language environment in Hong Kong, and in order to develop human-computer spoken language interfaces that can be used by almost(More)
We describe a microfluidic device designed specifically for the reversible immobilisation of Schizosac-charomyces pombe (Fission Yeast) cells to facilitate live cell super-resolution microscopy. Photo-Activation Localisation Microscopy (PALM) is used to create detailed super-resolution images within living cells with a modal accuracy of >25 nm in the(More)
DiSclaimer This report is the result of a collaborative effort between the international energy agency (iea), its member countries and various consultants and experts worldwide. Users of this report shall make their own independent business decisions at their own risk and, in particular, without undue reliance on this report. Nothing in this report shall(More)
AbstTact-Financial markets data is very noise and non-stationary which makes modeling through machine learning from historical information a challenging problem. Our experience indicates that in markets modeling through neural network learning, significant data preprocessing is needed. We have recently proposed a promising multi-component prediction system(More)
It has been proposed that the local segregation of kinases and the tyrosine phosphatase CD45 underpins T cell antigen receptor (TCR) triggering, but how such segregation occurs and whether it can initiate signaling is unclear. Using structural and biophysical analysis, we show that the extracellular region of CD45 is rigid and extends beyond the distance(More)