Steven L Shapiro

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A. M. Abrahams,1,2,3 L. Rezzolla,1 M. E. Rupright,3 A. Anderson,3 P. Anninos,1 T. W. Baumgarte,1 N. T. Bishop,4 S. R. Brandt,1 J. C. Browne,5 K. Camarda,6 M. W. Choptuik,5 G. B. Cook,7 R. R. Correll,5 C. R. Evans,3 L. S. Finn,8 G. C. Fox,9 R. Gómez,10 T. Haupt,9 M. F. Huq,5 L. E. Kidder,8 S. A. Klasky,9 P. Laguna,6 W. Landry,7 L. Lehner,10 J. Lenaghan,3 R.(More)
Fifty surgical patients with symptoms suggestive of Morton's neuroma underwent preoperative ultrasound examination of the forefoot using a 7.5 MHz transducer. Fifty-five neuromas were excised. Of these, one neuroma had a ganglion associated with it and five neuromas were recurrent. Four feet had adjacent neuromas. Ultrasound accurately predicted the(More)
Over a 31-month period, we performed four neurointerventional procedures after which unexpected foreign bodies were noted in multiple arteries. All four procedures had in common the use of Fastracker-18 infusion microcatheters. Histologically, the intravascular debris looked strikingly similar to the hydrophilic coating on the catheter. An in vitro test(More)
BACKGROUND The frequency of low level bacteremia (< or = 10 colony-forming units/ml) in infants from birth to 2 months of age and the optimal volume of blood and number of blood cultures to be collected have not been well-documented. During 1991 guidelines at this hospital for collection of blood for culture from these infants were revised. METHODS Blood(More)
CONTEXT The correctly completed death certificate provides invaluable personal, epidemiologic, and legal information and should be thorough and accurate. Death certification errors are common and range from minor to severe. OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency and type of errors by nonpathologist physicians at a university-affiliated medical center. (More)
The prevalence of methadone-related overdose deaths is increasing worldwide and has been a topic of recent debate. Methadone-related deaths, to this point, have not been systematically reviewed in the state of Vermont. All of the methadone-related fatalities from 2001 to 2006 (total, 76 cases), which were examined by the Vermont Office of the Chief Medical(More)
The clinical and aspiration cytologic details of a case of temporomandibular joint pigmented villonodular synovitis are presented and correlated with imaging, surgical, histopathologic, and clinical follow-up findings; the origin of such lesions is discussed. The lesion originally presented in a 36-year-old, otherwise healthy, white man as a unilateral mass(More)