Steven L. Pitts

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We have produced transgenic mouse strains harboring class II major histocompatibility complex or interferon-gamma genes linked to the human insulin promoter. These experiments were designed to investigate the consequences of the expression of immunological effector molecules by nonimmunological cells. In both of these studies we observed the disappearance(More)
The hypogonadal (hpg) mouse lacks a complete gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) gene and consequently cannot reproduce. Introduction of an intact GnRH gene into the genome of these mutant mice resulted in complete reversal of the hypogonadal phenotype. Transgenic hpg/hpg homozygotes of both sexes were capable of mating and producing offspring. Pituitary(More)
It has long been known that type II topoisomerases require divalent metal ions in order to cleave DNA. Kinetic, mutagenesis and structural studies indicate that the eukaryotic enzymes utilize a novel variant of the canonical two-metal-ion mechanism to promote DNA scission. However, the role of metal ions in the cleavage reaction mediated by bacterial type(More)
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