Steven L. Lehman

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We investigated how people control fast, accurate movements of a load using a simple two-hand grasp. By providing a clear instruction to several subjects, we isolated a single control strategy. The kinematics produced by this control strategy are nearly indistinguishable from those produced during singlehand movements, but the torques are quite different:(More)
Anticipatory postural adjustments (APA) during bimanual actions can be observed when participants hold an object in one hand and then lift it with the other hand. The postural force used to hold the object is reduced in anticipation of unloading, indicating an accurate prediction of the change in load. We examined patients with unilateral or bilateral(More)
In the unloading task, a weight is held in the palm of one hand. When an external agent removes the weight, an upward perturbation of the loaded hand is observed. However, when a person removes the weight by lifting it with their own hand, the perturbation is attenuated due to an anticipatory adjustment of the flexor muscles in the load-bearing arm. An(More)
Signaling by reactive oxygen species has emerged as a major physiological process. Due to its high metabolic rate, striated muscle is especially subject to oxidative stress, and there are multiple examples in cardiac and skeletal muscle where oxidative stress modulates contractile function. Here we assessed the potential of cysteine oxidation as a mechanism(More)
Bidigital Teletaction System Design and Performance This dissertation explores the design and performance of a bidigital teletaction, a two-fingered tactile sensing and feedback, system. This tactile recording and playback device is a basic step towards developing another sensory transmission device, such as radio for audio transmission and television for(More)
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