Steven L. Kadish

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Surgical exploration in patients with pancreatic carcinoma without adequate preoperative attempts to determine resectability results in resection in only a minority of patients. Besides distant metastases, involvement of the major vessels is the most important parameter for determining resectability in patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Angiography(More)
The endoscopic diagnosis, staging, and therapy of gastrointestinal (GI) malignancies has advanced rapidly and dramatically over the past 15 years. Video-endoscopy has generally replaced fiberoptic endoscopy, and the digitally based fidelity, sharper resolution, and improved magnification of the video-endoscopic image offers a potentially better approach for(More)
BACKGROUND Delivery of enteral feeding beyond the ligament of Treitz is often desirable, as it diminishes enterogastric reflux and potential for pulmonary aspiration of enteral feeding solution. However, standard or fluoroscopically guided techniques often fail. We describe three such cases in which enteral feeding tube placement was achieved endoscopically(More)
Two patients with pancreatic malignancies presented with biliary obstruction which could not be treated from an endoscopic approach. Standard transhepatic biliary drainage was relatively contraindicated because of moderate ascites and coagulopathy related to underlying liver disease. In one patient, a transjugular, transvenous approach was used to deliver a(More)
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