Steven L. Greenspan

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To examine the effects of stimulus structure and variability on perceptual learning, we compared transcription accuracy before and after training with synthetic speech produced by rule. Subjects were trained with either isolated words or fluent sentences of synthetic speech that were either novel stimuli or a fixed list of stimuli that was repeated.(More)
Data operations and command centers are crucial for managing today's Internet-based economy. Despite advances in automation, the challenges placed on operations professionals continue to increase as they work individually or in teams to repair or proactively avoid service disruptions. Although there have been a few studies of collaborative work in military(More)
We studied the nature of incident response teams in seven Operations Centers of varying size and types including service providers, a Security Operations Center, a Data Center, and two military training Operations Centers. All responded to incidents by forming teams. We asked: what is the context of incident response work? how can we model incident response(More)
The analysis of large data sets is increasingly collaborative, multidisciplinary and even distributed. There are many advantages including numerous checks and balances on the results. But, even in highly distributed analytic tasks, it would be useful to concurrently support co-located analyses by groups or teams. Large multi-touch surfaces present(More)
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