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In this paper we propose a new Built in Current Sensor (BICS) to detect single event upsets in SRAM. The BICS is designed and validated for 100nm process technology. The BICS reliability analysis for process, voltage, temperature, and power supply noise are provided. This BICS detect various shapes of current pulses generated due to particle strike. The(More)
Sigma-delta modulation allows delay resolution in ultrasound beamformers to be achieved by simple clock cycle delays applied to the undecimated bit-stream, greatly reducing the complexity of the signal processing and the number of bits in the datapath. The simplifications offered by this technique have the potential for low power and portable operation in(More)
High-frequency ultrasound (above 10 MHz) has been used successfully in many medical applications, including eye, skin, gastrointestinal, intravascular, and Doppler flow imaging. Most of these applications use single-element transducers, thereby imposing a tradeoff between resolution and depth of field. Fabrication difficulties and the need for high-speed(More)
This paper describes the development of an autonomous hybrid micro-robot that uses legs for propulsion and support of the rear half of the body and uses a pair of wheels for support of the front half. McKibben artificial muscles actuate the legs and the compressed air that activates the actuators is generated by an on-board power plant comprising a pair of(More)
This letter describes the design, fabrication, and testing of a wireless bladder-pressure-sensing system for chronic, point-of-care applications, such as urodynamics or closed-loop neuromodulation. The system consists of a miniature implantable device and an external RF receiver and wireless battery charger. The implant is small enough to be cystoscopically(More)
A precision, mixed-signal amplifier uses correlated double sampling, a mixed-signal tracking loop, and constant-g<sub>m</sub> biasing, and provides both analog and digital outputs. Its integrated g <sub>m</sub>/C oscillator has a frequency stability of 8 ppm/degC from 25-200 degC. A fully differential opamp has a gain-bandwidth of ~30 MHz and open-loop gain(More)
The wireless implantable/intracavity micromanometer (WIMM) system was designed to fulfill the unmet need for a chronic bladder pressure sensing device in urological fields such as urodynamics for diagnosis and neuromodulation for bladder control. Neuromodulation in particular would benefit from a wireless bladder pressure sensor which could provide(More)
This paper presents the design of a bio-compatible, im-plantable neural recording device for Aplysia californica, a common sea slug. Low-voltage extracellular neural signals (<100 µV) are recorded using a high-performance, low-power, low-noise preamplifier that is integrated with programmable data acquisition and control, and FSK te-lemetry that provides(More)