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Attentional performance was measured using a computerized continuous performance task, several psychometric tasks, and ratings of classroom behavior. Subjects were 51 children in the inpatient and day hospital programs of a psychiatric hospital. The relationship between performance on the computerized task and all other measures was examined. Results(More)
We consider generalizations of Schützenberger’s promotion operator on the set L of linear extensions of a finite poset of size n. This gives rise to a strongly connected graph on L. By assigning weights to the edges of the graph in two different ways, we study two Markov chains, both of which are irreducible. The stationary state of one gives rise to the(More)
Let M be a closed triangulable manifold, and let ∆ be a triangulation of M. What is the smallest number of vertices that ∆ can have? How big or small can the number of edges of ∆ be as a function of the number of vertices? More generally, what are the possible face numbers ( f -numbers, for short) that ∆ can have? In other words, what restrictions does the(More)
The Cognitive Bias Questionnaire, the Present State Examination, the Beck Depression Inventory, and an expectancy of success measure were administered to depressed and nondepressed psychiatric inpatients. The depressed subjects selected significantly more depressed distortions on the Cognitive Bias Questionnaire than did the nondepressed subjects. Results(More)