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Diatoms are of interest to the materials research community because of their ability to create highly complex and intricate silica structures under physiological conditions: what these single-cell organisms accomplish so elegantly in nature requires extreme laboratory conditions to duplicate-this is true for even the simplest of structures. Following the(More)
0 q x(q) dq + 1 2 2 Z 1 0 q (x(q) ? ~ x(q)) dq ?f P () ? a N (); (36) and the result follows by taking the limit N ! 1. Therefore, the Parisi free energy, with these assumptions, is proven to be at least a rigorous upper bound for the innnite volume limit of the free energy of the model. In a forthcoming paper 4], we show that there is good evidence, not a(More)
  • Therese P Mcallister, Robert Macneill, Omer Erbay, Andrew Sarawit, Mehdi Zarghamee, Steven Kirkpatrick +2 others
  • 2012
Collapse" (McAllister et al. 2012) published by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) presents a complex procedure used to analyze the structural behavior of Seven World Trade Center (WTC 7) on September 11, 2001. The authors concluded that the catastrophic global collapse followed local connection and framing failures induced by office fires on(More)
The history of public domain finite element models of the side impact anthropometric test dummy are summarized and recent improvements are briefly discussed. The performance of the two most recent finite element models are discussed with respect to the predictions of acceleration time histories as compared to standard bench calibration tests as well as an(More)
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