Steven Kaler

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The cognitive and social developmental status of a representative group of Romanian orphans between the ages of 23 and 50 months living in the Leagan de Copii in Timisoara, Romania was assessed using a variety of traditional and nontraditional measures. Results indicated that the orphanage sample all exhibited deficits in cognitive and social functioning;(More)
OBJECTIVE Negative-pressure dressings (NPDs) have been reported to improve split-thickness skin graft survival in some settings; we assessed whether NPDs could improve skin graft results in radial forearm donor sites. METHODS Between October 2003 and November 2004, 45 radial forearm donor sites underwent split-thickness skin graft immobilization either(More)
To determine the current public image of the nursing profession, this survey investigated the nature of stereotyping. Subjects approached in a shopping mall (N = 110) were asked to rate the degree to which 12 characteristics typify individuals in 14 professions. The results indicate that the public image of the nurse continues to turn on feminine and(More)
This article focuses on biological risks that can adversely influence development during infancy and later. In the first part of the article, the origins of risks and their potential consequences are discussed relative to prepregnancy, prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal periods. Epidemiological data are presented. The second part of the article addresses(More)
Epididymitis, the most common intrascrotal inflammation, accounts for more than 600,000 yearly visits to health care providers in the United States. Previously though to be of idiopathic origin, most cases in young male adults now are recognized as arising from sexually transmitted pathogens. Appropriate assessment depends on a high index of clinical(More)
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