Steven K. Winker

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Two open questions m ternary Boolean algebras have been answered with the aid of an existmg automated theorem-proving program without recourse to any additional programming. The new automated theorem-provmg techraques developed in answering the open questions are presented here. Essentially, the ex~stmg theorem prover is used m a nonstandard way to seek and(More)
Some problems posed years ago remain challenging today. In particular, the Robbins problem, which is still open and which is the focus of attention in this paper, offers interesting challenges for attack with the assistance of an automated reasoning program; for the study presented here, we used the program OTTER. For example, when one submits this problem,(More)
This paper summarizes our investigations into the computational detection of secondary and tertiary structure of ribosomal RNA. We have developed a new automated procedure that not only identifies potential secondary and tertiary structural interactions, but also provides the covariation evidence that supports the proposed bondings, and any counterevidence(More)
This paper is an introduction to an automated reasoning program developed at Northern Illinois University and Argonne National Laboratory over the past nine years. Recently the program has reached the stage where it can be considered a useful research tool in a variety of disciplines. It has solved open problems in mathematics and participated in the design(More)
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