Steven Johnston

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BioSimGrid is a database for biomolecular simulations, or, a "Protein Data Bank extended in time" for molecular dynamics trajectories. We describe the implementation details: architecture, data schema, deposition, and analysis modules. We encourage the simulation community to explore BioSimGrid and work towards a common trajectory exchange format.
In this paper we present the features of a new physical device prototyping platform called Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer along with our initial experiences using it to teach computer science in high schools. Gadgeteer makes it easy for newcomers to electronics and computing to plug together modules with varied functionality and to program the resulting system's(More)
Contemporary structural biology has an increased emphasis on high-throughput methods. Biomolecular simulations can add value to structural biology via the provision of dynamic information. However, at present there are no agreed measures for the quality of biomolecular simulation data. In this Letter, we suggest suitable measures for the quality assurance(More)
Nowadays, Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices generate data at high speed and large volume. Often the data require real-time processing to support high system responsiveness which can be supported by localised Cloud and/or Fog computing paradigms. However, there are considerably large deployments of IoT such as sensor networks in remote areas where Internet(More)
Driving with too short of a safety distance is a common problem in road traffic, often with traffic accidents as a consequence. Research has identified a lack of vehicle-mountable devices for alerting the drivers of trailing vehicles about keeping a sufficient safe distance. The principal requirements for such a device were defined. A conceptual study was(More)
BACKGROUND In Australia approximately 25% of Emergency Department (ED) attendances are via ambulance. ED overcrowding in Australia, as in many countries, is common. Measures to reduce overcrowding include the provision of enhanced timely primary care in the community for appropriate low risk injury and illness. Therefore paramedic assessment and referral to(More)
The overall aim of the BioSimGrid project is to build a distributed data and computing platform to enable large scale analysis of the results of biomolecular simulations. To address the challenges of distributed computing on large amounts of simulation data, we have built an open software framework system based on off-the-shelf middleware, SRB (Storage(More)
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