Steven Jefferson

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This paper reports on the development of a new scale, the Informational Biases Scale (IBS), to measure cognitive distortions such as the illusion of control, gambler's fallacy,illusory correlations, and the availability heuristic in video lottery terminal (VLT) players. Ninety-six VLT players recruited from bars in New Brunswick took part in the study.(More)
Accelerated or condensed programs in nursing have gained popularity over the last 10 years in Canada. They are designed to accommodate the learning needs of a special pool of learners with prior university education. These learners have expectations, abilities, and skills different from students in basic baccalaureate programs and so require instruction to(More)
Fog Optics will present additional results from field experiments conducted by four different teams where laser-based systems performed better than expected in various inclement weather and atmospheric conditions, including data from an extreme fog event (80100 dB) field test performed by Fog Optics. Additional data and further details on key elements of(More)
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