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Equilibrium isotherm and kinetic mass transfer measurements are critical to mechanistic modeling of binding and elution behavior within a chromatographic column. However, traditional methods of measuring these parameters are impractically time- and labor-intensive. While advances in high-throughput robotic liquid handling systems have created time and(More)
A fully-mechanistic understanding of protein transport and sorption in chromatographic materials has remained elusive despite the application of modern continuum and molecular observation techniques. While measuring overall uptake rates in proteins in chromatographic media is relatively straightforward, quantifying mechanistic contributions is much more(More)
Most chromatographic processes involve separation of two or more species, so development of a simple, accurate multicomponent chromatographic model can be valuable for improving process efficiency and yield. We consider the case of breakthrough chromatography, which has been considered in great depth for single-component modeling but to a much more limited(More)
Protein A chromatography has been identified as a potential bottleneck in the monoclonal antibody production platform, leading to increased interest in non-chromatographic capture technologies. Affinity precipitation using environmentally responsive, Z-domain-elastin-like polypeptide (Z-ELP) fusion proteins has been shown to be a promising alternative.(More)
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