Steven J. Simske

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This paper reports emotion recognition results from speech signals, with particular focus on extracting emotion features from the short utterances typical of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications. We focus on distinguishing anger versus neutral speech, which is salient to call center applications. We report on classification of other types of(More)
To determine whether the mouse loses bone with aging and whether the changes mimic those observed in human aging, we examined the changes in the tibial metaphysis and diaphysis in the male C57BL/6J mouse over its life span using microcomputed tomography (microCT). Cancellous bone volume fraction (BV/TV) decreased 60% between 6 weeks and 24 months of age.(More)
Plurality voting is widely used in pattern recognition practice. However, there is little theoretical analysis of plurality voting. In this paper, we attempt to explore the rationales behind plurality voting. The recognition/error/rejection rates of plurality voting are compared with those of majority voting under different conditions. It is demonstrated(More)
The massive quantity of data available today in the Internet has reached such a huge volume that it has become humanly unfeasible to efficiently sieve useful information from it. One solution to this problem is offered by using text summarization techniques. Text summarization, the process of automatically creating a shorter version of one or more text(More)
Our earlier work revealed a connection between blind image deconvolution and principal components analysis (PCA). In this letter, we explicitly formulate multichannel and single-channel blind image deconvolution as a PCA problem. Although PCA is derived from blur models that do not contain additive noise, it can be justified on both theoretical and(More)
© Atmospheric Turbulence Degraded Image Restoration by Kurtosis Minimization Dalong Li, Steve Simske HP Laboratories HPL-2008-214 blur identification, atmospheric turbulence, image restoration, kurtosis. Atmospheric turbulence is caused by the random fluctuations of the refraction index of the medium. It can lead to blurring in images acquired from a long(More)
The objective of this study was to examine changes in the long bones of male C57BL/6J mice with growth and aging, and to consider the applicability of this animal for use in studying Type II osteoporosis. Male C57BL/6J mice were aged in our colony between 4 and 104 weeks (n=9-15/group). The right femur and humeri were measured for length and subjected to(More)
There are several aspects of the spaceflight environment that may lead to changes in immunity: mission-related psychological stress, radiation, and changes in gravity. On December 5, 2001, the space shuttle Endeavor launched for a 12-day mission to examine these effects on C57BL/6 mice for the first time. On their return, assays were performed on the(More)
Unusual behaviour detection and information extraction in streams of short documents and files (emails, news, tweets, log files, messages, etc.) are important problems in security applications. In [1], [2], a new approach to rapid change detection and automatic summarization of large documents was introduced. This approach is based on a theory of social(More)
Buffered sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) solution was used to remove selectively the collagen phase from bovine cortical bone. Changes in the mechanical behaviour and material properties were studied over a wide range of resolution (from 5 microm to 3 mm) using an integrated combination of experimental techniques. Optical microscopy indicated that timed(More)