Steven J . Parrillo

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Unique physiological, developmental, and psychological attributes of children make them one of the more vulnerable populations during mass-casualty incidents. Because of their distinctive vulnerabilities, it is crucial that pediatric needs are incorporated into every stage of disaster planning. Individuals, families, and communities can help mitigate the(More)
Although many authorities define a "mass gathering" as a group exceeding 1,000 persons, several times that number likely are to be present. The event for which the group will gather may be anything from a rock concert to an Olympic competition. Preparations for the event can be minor or major. This article reviews the issues that a physician should consider(More)
The purpose of this discussion is to review the use of destinations other than the hospital emergency department, to transport patients injured as a result of a mass-casualty incident (MCI). A MCI has the ability to overwhelm traditional hospital resources normally thought of as appropriate destinations for the transport of injured patients. As a result,(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to determine the incidence of nasogastric (NG) aspiration revealing a clinically unsuspected upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding in patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) with hematochezia. A secondary aim was to identify factors associated with an upper GI source. METHODS Data were prospectively collected(More)
OBJECTIVE Dual-Polarization Radar and Twitter were analyzed to determine the impact on injuries sustained by the Hattiesburg EF-4 tornado. METHOD Tracking data provided from the Dual-Pol radar systems in National Weather Service Jackson were reviewed. Twitter data from four local Twitter handles were obtained. The change in tweets and followers for the(More)
In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that cough is frequently the sign of airway hyperreactivity. While the association between cough and wheezing is well recognized in asthmatics, cough may be the only clinical manifestation of this problem. Emergency physicians frequently have occasion to evaluate the coughing patient. Awareness of this(More)
1. Einstein Elkins Park Department of Emergency Medicine, Einstein Healthcare Network, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA 2. Emergency Preparedness, Einstein Healthcare Network, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA 3. Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/ Training Site, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Oak Ridge, Tennessee USA 4. National Security and(More)
Radiological and nuclear incidents are low probability but very high risk events. Measures can be, and have been, implemented to limit or prevent the impact on the public. Preparedness, however, remains the key to minimizing morbidity and mortality. Incidents may be related to hospital-based mis-administration of radiation in interventional radiology or(More)
Presented is a case of idiopathic priapism that was successfully treated with inhalation of amyl nitrite. Routine treatment measures had failed. The same patient presented on several other occasions in a similar fashion. Each time amyl nitrite was successful. An investigation for diseases known to be associated with priapism proved negative. Due to the(More)