Steven J. Mills

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Ligation of the T-cell receptor/CD3 complex results in global Ca(2+) signals that are essential for T-cell activation. We have recently reported that these global Ca(2+) signals are preceded by localized pacemaker Ca(2+) signals. Here, we demonstrate for the first time for human T cells that an increase in signal frequency of subcellular pacemaker Ca(2+)(More)
The following paper presents an evaluation of airborne sensors for use in vegetation management in powerline corridors. Three integral stages in the management process are addressed including, the detection of trees, relative positioning with respect to the nearest powerline and vegetation height estimation. Image data, including multi-spectral and high(More)
The following paper proposes a novel application of Skid-to-Turn maneuvers for fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) inspecting locally linear infrastructure. Fixed wing UAVs, following the design of manned aircraft, commonly employ Bank-to-Turn maneuvers to change heading and thus direction of travel. Whilst effective, banking an aircraft during the(More)
This paper presents an Image Based Visual Servo control design for Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles tracking locally linear infrastructure in the presence of wind using a body fixed imaging sensor. Visual servoing offers improved data collection by posing the tracking task as one of controlling a feature as viewed by the inspection sensor, although is(More)
A postal questionnaire was sent to all UK consultant members of the Neuroanaesthesia Society to ascertain whether there was any consensus on indications for use and route of insertion of central venous cannulae in elective neuroanaesthetic practice. Five brief clinical scenarios were presented. Of 179 respondents, 98% indicated that they would insert a(More)
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