Steven J M Habraken

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We describe how strong resonant interactions in multimode optomechanical systems can be used to induce controlled nonlinear couplings between single photons and phonons. Combined with linear mapping schemes between photons and phonons, these techniques provide a universal building block for various classical and quantum information processing applications.(More)
Arrays of coupled limit-cycle oscillators represent a paradigmatic example for studying synchronization and pattern formation. We find that the full dynamical equations for the phase dynamics of a limit-cycle oscillator array go beyond previously studied Kuramoto-type equations. We analyze the evolution of the phase field in a two-dimensional array and(More)
Levitated nanospheres in optical cavities open a novel route to study many-body systems out of solution and highly isolated from the environment. We show that properly tuned optical parameters allow for the study of the nonequilibrium dynamics of composite nanoparticles with nonisotropic optical friction. We find optically induced ordering and nematic(More)
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