Steven J. Harwood

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Diabetic patients suspected of having osteomyelitis secondary to foot ulcers underwent scintigraphic imaging with Sulesomab, an anti-granulocyte antibody Fab' fragment labeled with technetium-99m. Among 122 patients who had osteomyelitis confirmed or excluded by histopathologic and/or microbiologic techniques, Sulesomab had a 91% sensitivity, a 56%(More)
Immunoscintigraphy performed after intravenous administration of indium-111-labeled CYT-103, an immunoconjugate of monoclonal antibody B72.3, was evaluated in patients with suspected primary or recurrent colorectal cancer at 25 centers in the United States. Gamma camera imaging, computed tomography (CT), and confirmatory surgical exploration were completed(More)
When clinical data are insufficient to diagnose infection of bone or joints, nuclear scanning becomes crucial in making an accurate diagnosis. The efficacy of (99m)technetium antigranulocyte monoclonal antibody Fab' fragment (LeukoScan) is prospectively compared with (111)indium white blood cell and (99m)technetium methylene diphosphonate bone scans in 74(More)
Accurate early diagnosis of osteomyelitis is critical for optimal clinical management. Conventional radiology (X-rays, CT) and nuclear medicine scans (bone, gallium, and technetium/indium white blood cell [WBC]) have limitations and drawbacks. The monoclonal antibody (MAb) ImmuRAIDTM-MN3 (Immunomedics Inc., Morris Plains, NJ), a 99m-Tc Antigranulocyte Fab'(More)
Although low systemic vascular resistance occurs during normothermic and hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass, the determinants of depressed systemic vascular resistance and its effect on outcomes are unknown. To assess the predictors and clinical effects of low systemic vascular resistance, 555 patients undergoing isolated coronary artery bypass grafting(More)
BACKGROUND Radioimmunotherapy (RIT) with Bexxar (tositumomab and iodine-131 tositumomab; Coulter Pharmaceutical, South San Francisco, CA) has been shown to be effective in the treatment of low-grade and transformed low-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). METHODS Patient-specific dosimetry with 5 mCi of iodine-131 tositumomab preceded by 450 mg of(More)
BACKGROUND Implantation of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) is an acceptable therapy for patients with advanced heart failure. LVADs may be used as a bridge to recovery, a bridge to transplantation or as destination therapy. Although the morbidity rate of individuals on device support remains high, experience suggests that patients who are discharged(More)
Laboratory values taken from more than 13,000 newly admitted patients to the University of Alabama Hospital were analyzed using a percentile ranking system, and histograms for 24 laboratory tests were prepared. The percentile system is a better way to express test results than the classic normal range. The ability to correlate a test result with a clinical(More)