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Let S be any set of N points in the plane and let DT(S) be the graph of the Delaunay triangulation of S. For all points a and b of S, let d(a, b) be the Euclidean distance from a to b and let DT(a, b) be the length of the shortest path in DT(S) from a to b. We show that there is a constant c(≤ 1+√5/2 π ≈ 5.08) independent of S(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors' goal was to examine the extent to which perceived stigma affected treatment discontinuation in young and older adults with major depression. METHOD A two-stage sampling design identified 92 new admissions of outpatients with major depression. Perceived stigma was assessed at admission. Discontinuation of treatment was recorded at(More)
The ordered binary decision diagram is a canonical representation for Boolean functions, presented by Bryant as a compact representation for a broad class of interesting functions derived from circuits. However, the size of the diagram is very sensitive to the choice of ordering on the variables; hence for some applications, such as Differential Cascode(More)
BACKGROUND Twenty years have elapsed since the National Institute of Mental Health Collaborative Depression Study reported on the early course and treatment of major depression within the mental health sector. Using similar methods, an observational study was conducted to assess relationships between initial depression severity, personality dysfunction and(More)
OBJECTIVE Major depression is undertreated despite the availability of effective treatments. Psychological barriers to treatment, such as perceived stigma and minimization of the need for care, may be important obstacles to adherence to the pharmacologic treatment of major depression. The authors examined the impact of barriers that were present at the(More)
Studies have reported a wide range in lifetime prevalence of sleep paralysis (SP). This variation may stem from cultural factors, stressful life events and genetic differences in studied populations. We found that recurrent SP was more common among African-American participants, especially those with panic disorder. Recurrent SP was reported by 59% of(More)
Intracellular lysosomal and nonlysosomal enzymes, as well as tissue edema, were measured in spinal cords of monkeys up to 20 days following a 300 gm-cm open injury. Although edema was maximal between six hours and 11 days, enzyme elevation was delayed. Lysosomal enzyme acid cathepsin increased beginning at five days and the beta-glucuronidase and(More)
While attention has been paid to the study of panic disorder (PD) with or without agoraphobia among Caucasians, surprisingly little empirical research within the United States has looked at the phenomenology of PD among minority groups. In this paper we present data we have collected and review other research on the phenomenology, social supports, and(More)
BeWo is a malignant human choniocarcinoma line derived from a methotmexate-nesistant tumor. Under normal conditions, two BeWo phenotypes coexist in culture. The predominant form, 96 to 99% of the total population, consists of cytotro phoblast-like (CTL) cells that are proliferative, mononucleate, and moderate in size. The remaining cells are syncytiotropho(More)