Steven J D'Surney

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The alpha-globin and beta-globin genes of the zebrafish are tightly linked on the same chromosome in a 3'-5' and 5'-3' configuration, respectively. Although the location of the controlling sequences has been mapped to the intergenic region, analysis determining the uniqueness of this unusual arrangement to zebrafish has not been undertaken. To explore this,(More)
Oxygen association-dissociation and hemoglobin stability analysis were performed on mouse hemoglobins with amino acid substitutions in an alpha-globin (alpha 89, His to Leu) and a beta-globin (beta 59, Lys to Ile). The variant alpha-globin, designated chain 5m in the Hbag2 haplotype, had an high oxygen affinity and was stable. The variant beta-globin, (beta(More)
The isolation of lysozyme from the egg white of several representative species of waterfowl is described. The purified lysozymes were analyzed to determine the type and molecular weight of each enzyme. All enzymes found in duck egg whites were found to be of the c-type. In contrast all true geese, and the mute swan species as well as the northern blackneck(More)
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