Steven J Bernick

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Prior histochemical studies with the periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) reaction have shown altered biochemical composition in a limited part of the microvasculature (MV) in aging in two species of laboratory animals. We therefore studied, with the PAS reaction, all the components of the MV in multiple tissues from various immature, adult and aged mammals,(More)
Ulcerative colitis is a chronic condition that requires long-term treatment. The first-line therapy remains 5-ASA, which is available in a variety of different formulations and dosing schedules. Multiple studies have demonstrated that adherence rates to prescribed 5-ASA products is below what would have been expected with significant consequences for(More)
The innervation of the gingivae of dentulous and edentulous individuals was studied. There was a decrease in the number of nerves in the gingivae of dentulous individuals. The nerves present showed degenerative changes such as fibrosis, fragmentation, and reticulation. In the edentulous gingivae, there was a marked loss of nerves and terminal endings.(More)
The transseptal fibers appear to develop independently in adjacent teeth and course toward each other meeting at the midline. Correction of rotations should be accomplished if possible before the teeth are in clinical occlusion. The thickness of the band of transeptal fibers depends on the anatomy of the interproximal space. The fibers are not continuous(More)
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