Steven J. Baird

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There has recently been considerable debate over the relative importance of selection against hybrids ("endogenous" selection) vs. adaptation to different environments ("exogenous") in maintaining stable hybrid zones and hence in speciation. Single-locus models of endogenous and exogenous viability selection generate clines of similar shape, but the(More)
Adaptation and reproductive isolation, the engines of biological diversity, are still elusive when discussing the genetic bases of speciation. Namely, the number of genes and magnitude of selection acting positively or negatively on genomic traits implicated in speciation is contentious. Here, we describe the first steps of an ongoing research program aimed(More)
Headwater streams are typically closely connected with the surrounding watershed landscape, making them sensitive to local watershed conditions. Headwater streams of the Kenai Lowlands in Alaska provide important rearing habitat for juvenile salmon and other biota, and understanding the connections between surrounding landscapes and stream conditions will(More)
Vegetation of wetlands adjacent to headwater streams on the Kenai Lowlands was dominated by Calamagrostis canadensis, indicating that it is a keystone species that influences stream-wetland interactions across a wide range of geomorphic settings from which headwater streams have their origin. We sampled 30 sites as part of a project to determine the(More)
Estuaries are among the most productive ecosystems in the world and provide important rearing environments for a variety of fish species. Though generally considered important transitional habitats for smolting salmon, little is known about the role that estuaries serve for rearing and the environmental conditions important for salmon. We illustrate how(More)
Darwin had little to say directly about species concepts or species formation, despite the title of his most famous book. He focused on variation, natural selection and adaptation and the reader was left to infer that adaptive divergence, in a geographic setting, led to species formation. Darwin discussed "doubtful species" and the often difficult(More)
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