Steven Hofman

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A case is presented in which two neuro-ectodermal tumors, an infra- and a supratentorial glioma, developed in a young man with multiple enchondromatosis of Ollier’s disease. This is the third such case of multifocal low-grade glioma in Ollier’s disease, suggesting a predisposition for non-mesodermal tumors in Ollier’s disease. The related condition of(More)
Pulpal blood-flow changes were monitored by laser Doppler flowmetry after electrical stimulation of the mandibular incisor. Stimuli of 10 s (50 microA, 2 ms, 20 Hz) were applied to the incisors of untreated animals and longer stimulations (5 min) were applied in animals treated with the alpha-blocker phenoxybenzamine. Changes in vascular permeability in the(More)
Pulpal blood flow (PBF) changes have been monitored by laser Doppler flowmetry on rat mandibular incisors. Electrical stimulation (10 sec, 50 microA, 2 ms, 20 Hz) of one incisor induced a blood flow decrease followed by a blood flow increase. The effect of intravenous administration of antagonists of ionotropic glutamate receptors (iGluRs) and antagonists(More)
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