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Making Place, Making Race: Performances of Whiteness in the Jim Crow South
Abstract This article examines the process of racialization as an essential aspect of how everyday geographies are made, understood, and challenged. It begins from the premise that a primary root ofExpand
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Memory and place: geographies of a critical relationship
In recent years, investigations of social or cultural memory have become a major field of inquiry throughout the humanities and social sciences. No longer the sole preserve of psychology, the studyExpand
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Heritage on Stage: The Invention of Ethnic Place in America's Little Switzerland
Drawing on sociology, social history, ethnic studies, performance studies, geography and history, this text provides a discussion of the ways in which landscape, heritage and the search forExpand
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Place in context: Rethinking Humanist Geographies
A name etched in the smooth, black stone of a war memorial, a crowd of peasants captured in oil paint, a ghost town arrested intentionally in its decay, the planet we call home seen from the vantageExpand
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Critical readings of landscape representations have become standard fare for cultural geographers in recent years. Nuanced and provocative work by scholars on both sides of the Atlantic haveExpand
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Angels of memory: photography and haunting in Guatemala City
This article explores the relationship between historical memory, urban space, and photography by way of a case study: the place-specific public art of the Guatemalan photographer and human rightsExpand
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The Improving Efficiency of Critical Access Hospitals
Context: Critical access hospitals (CAHs) play an important role in providing health services in rural communities. Purpose: Communities in rural America tend to be older, less affluent, andExpand
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Place: Part II
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Tourism, ethnic memory and the other-directed place:
In the crucible of the frontier the immigrants were Americanized, liberated, and fused into a mixed race. (Frederick Jackson Turner ‘The significance of the frontier in American history’,Expand
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