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Values as the core of personal identity: Drawing links between two theories of self.
Personal identity is an underanalyzed level of the self often regarded erroneously as too idiosyncratic for proper social psychological analysis. The two dominant theories of self, identity theory
Values: Reviving a Dormant Concept
Over the past decades, the concept of values has gone in and out of fashion within sociology. Relatively recent advances in both the conceptualization and measurement of values offer the potential
Time, Self, and the Curiously Abstract Concept of Agency*
The term “agency” is quite slippery and is used differently depending on the epistemological roots and goals of scholars who employ it. Distressingly, the sociological literature on the concept
Racial self-categorization in adolescence: multiracial development and social pathways.
Pathways of racial self-identification are developed from a nationally representative sample of adolescents aged 14-18, measured again 5 years later, and results lend quantitative support to qualitative studies indicating the fluidity ofracial self-categorization.
Handbook of the sociology of morality
10.1057/9781137391865 The Palgrave Handbook of Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity, 7 Modern Roots of the Sociology of Love: Tolstoy, Addams. 2014. the moral background: an inquiry into the
Doing good, feeling good: Values and the self 's moral center
Rarely do social psychological treatments of the self highlight its moral dimension. We expect people with prosocial values to feel better about themselves when enacting such values. Social
Parental Influences on Children's Values and Aspirations: Bridging Two Theories of Social Class and Socialization
The author establishes a framework for tying together two influential approaches linking family socioeconomic status (SES) to children's social psychological outcomes. Families shape children's
Reconceptualizing Agency within the Life Course: The Power of Looking Ahead1
The authors suggest that understanding the modern life course necessitates a multidimensional understanding of subjective agency involving (a) perceived capacities and (b) perceived life chances, or expectations about what life holds in store.
The New Sociology of Morality
Sociology was once integral to the scientific study of morality, but its explicit focus has waned over the past half-century. This article calls for greater sociological engagement in order to speak
Measuring Latinos: Racial vs. Ethnic Classification and Self-Understandings
The measurement of Hispanics in the 2000 U.S. Census significantly skews the racial identification of the Hispanic population in America. The literature on racial and ethnic identification, however,