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The Political Economy of Syria under Asad
The Political Economy of Syria under Asad, by Volker Perthes. London and New York: I.B. Tauris Publishers, 1995. xii + 273 pages. Bibl. to p. 290. Index to p. 298. $59.50. Reviewed by StevenExpand
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Tracking the “Arab Spring”: Syria and the Future of Authoritarianism
Abstract:In response to the uprisings of 2011, Syria’s Assad regime brought the full weight of its repressive apparatus down on the heads of peaceful protesters, provoking reactions that ledExpand
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Authoritarian Learning and Authoritarian Resilience: Regime Responses to the ‘Arab Awakening’
The spread of protests throughout the Arab world can be viewed as the product of social learning by Arab citizens—a wave effect facilitated by the rapid diffusion of ideas, discourses, and practicesExpand
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War, Institutions, and Social Change in the Middle East
Few areas of the world have been as profoundly shaped by war as the Middle East in the twentieth century. Despite the prominence of war-making in this region, there has been surprisingly littleExpand
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Popular Mobilization in Syria: Opportunity and Threat, and the Social Networks of the Early Risers
This paper explores the dynamics and underlying conditions of the first few months of the uprising in Syria, from mid-March 2011 until the summer of that year. Together with the contributions fromExpand
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Civil War, Economic Governance & State Reconstruction in the Arab Middle East
Civil wars currently underway in Libya, Syria, and Yemen demonstrate that patterns of economic governance during violent conflict exhibit significant continuity with prewar practices, raisingExpand
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Authoritarian Learning and Counter-Revolution
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