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Despite the intuitively compelling adage " a picture is worth a thousand words, " attempts over the past decade to use animations to explain algorithms to students have produced disappointing results. In most cases interesting algorithm animations were designed, but no formal, systematic evaluations were conducted. When such evaluations were performed the(More)
Over the last century, investigators have developed a number of models to explain the relation between speed and accuracy in target-directed manual aiming. The models vary in the extent to which they stress the importance of feedforward processes and the online use of sensory information (see D. Elliott, W. F. Helsen, & R. Chua, 2001, for a recent review).(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the prevalence and possible under-diagnosing of substance use disorders and to consider factors that might influence diagnosing of substance use disorders. METHOD Data collected from case records and PSE interviews of psychiatric in-patients from 12 psychiatric departments in Denmark admitted during October 1996 were compared with(More)
BACKGROUND Transcriptional transactivation is a process with remarkable tolerance for sequence diversity and structural geometry. In studies of the features that constitute transactivating functions, acidity has remained one of the most common characteristics observed among native activation domains and activator peptides. RESULTS We performed a(More)
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