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This report tackles the important question of how to achieve better, faster access to research publications for anyone who wants to read or use them. It has been produced by an independent working group made up of representatives of universities, research funders, learned societies, publishers, and libraries. The group’s remit has been to examine how to(More)
Bird predation is one of the major concerns for fish culture in open ponds. A novel method for dispersing birds is the use of autonomous vehicles. Image recognition software can improve their efficiency. Several image processing techniques for recognition of birds have been tested. A series of morphological operations were implemented. We divided images(More)
The performance of a failure detection and isolation (FDI) algorithm applied to a redundant strapdown inertial measurement unit (IMU) is limited by sensor errors such as input axis misalignment, scale factor errors, and biases. A techique is presented for improving the performance of FDI algorithms applied to redundant strapdown IMUs. A Kalman filter(More)
Executive Overview Corporate governance research emphasizes the influence of institutional owners on company outcomes such as strategic decisions, organizational structures, and executive compensation. However, little is known about the process companies use to gain support for management-sponsored compensation plan resolutions. This article reviews prior(More)
A compressed-domain transformation is one that operates directly on the compressed format, rather than requiring conversion to an uncompressed format prior to processing. Performing operations in the compressed domain offers large speedups, as it reduces the volume of data processed and avoids the overhead of re-compression. While previous researchers have(More)
A pond heat and temperature regulation (PHATR) model was designed to: (1) predict the temperature for earthen outdoor aquaculture ponds and (2) determine the size of energy transfer mechanisms affecting energy gains or losses for these ponds. The model solves a first order, no-linear differential equation using a 4th order Runge-Kutta numerical method and(More)
As a person ages, their body and mind experiences changes that may make it difficult to do tasks they were once familiar with. To adapt, older adults must make adjustments to maintain their ability to work or adopt new ways of working. Our study addresses the question of how to present data to a person about their performance during a task, in order to(More)
Spacecraft thermal control system design is a complex application of thermal engineering. This design process has a structure that is common for many experienced thermal control system engineers. Prometheus, an expert system design tool, was developed to guide the thermal engineer to an acceptable preliminary design for a spacecraft thermal control system.(More)