Steven H. Stumpf

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Medicine, like scientific inquiry, is necessarily dynamic. As our understanding of health and disease continues to grow, medicine as we know it will change. Alternative therapies and perspectives that are coming to light will be illuminated by modern methods of inquiry applied to pre-modern healing systems. At the same time, patient demands and cultural(More)
Unstated and unacknowledged bias has a profound impact on the nature and implementation of integrative education models. Integrative education is the process of training conventional biomedical and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in each tradition such that patient care may be effectively coordinated. A bilateral education model ensures that(More)
Teaching cross cultural communication typically involves instruction in differences between groups. As part of this course in cross cultural communication, six specific underserved population groups are introduced to students as a cultural experience. Additionally, instruction is provided to sensitize students to their personal biases and prejudices through(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to survey Honduran pre-adolescent knowledge, perceptions and experience regarding smoking. METHODS A 12-item survey was administered in the classroom to fifth and sixth grade students. The main outcome measures were a description of demographic factors, personal smoking experience, knowledge of health risks, attitudes(More)
Standardized evaluation criteria would be useful for sorting through the huge volume of medical educational information now available on the Internet. The authors developed and pilot-tested a simple rating instrument. Using this instrument, students identified preferred Web sites and indicated that speed was particularly important in their assessments.