Steven H. Russell

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Sir,—We read with interest the review article on anaesthesia and myotonia [1]. Myotonia dystrophica is an uncommon disorder with as yet no consensus of opinion regarding the ideal anaesthetic for these patients. Propofol has been used in this disorder with variable responses, including prolonged recovery, altered dose–response curves and precipitation of(More)
We study a simple neoclassical model of investment in a developing country, modified to allow for long-term projects and short-term debt. Early signals indicating low productivity of investment may lead creditors to call loans in early. In such a crisis, firms protected by limited liability default and liquidate capital, even thought they do so at a loss (a(More)
rate of the base money stock that produce permanent changes in the rate of inflation. We follow the bulk of the inflation-cost literature by basing our cost estimates on comparisons of alternative steady states. We follow the recent trend in applied macroeconomic theory by calibrating our model to increase the empirical credibility of its predictions. The(More)
We have used mivacurium in four myasthenic patients presenting for thymectomy. Supramaximal single twitch stimulation was applied to the ulnar nerve at the wrist and the force of contraction of the adductor pollicis was measured. After an initial bolus dose of 30 micrograms kg-1 (approximately one-fifth of the normal intubating dose), we observed a mean(More)
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