Steven Greenspan

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Our analyses of the activities performed by users of computer systems show complex patterns of interleaved activities. Current human - computer interfaces provide little support for the kinds of problems users encounter when attempting to accomplish several different tasks in a single session. In this paper we develop a framework for discussing the(More)
Traditionally, if someone did some act that required forgiveness, there were social norms in place for such forgiveness to happen. Over time, the act is also typically forgotten. And, should the person not be forgiven and the social pressure become too great, he had the option of moving to a new location for a fresh start. Yet with the Internet, these(More)
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to introduce and illustrate the importance of uncovering tacit perceptions during knowledge management (KM) audit, in order to identify cultural barriers that may interfere with KM initiatives. The goal of such KM initiatives is to leverage a firm’s capacity to efficiently produce value from knowledge held by employees(More)
Organisations today have no reliable way of ensuring that all employees are aware of information that may be relevant to their work. In this paper we report on a 2-year project in which we have iteratively designed, developed and tested a knowledge discovery system (KnowDis) for organizations. Early stages of our study revealed that, employees do not know(More)
A firm’s capacity to efficiently create value from knowledge held by employees and embedded in processes is a key strategic resource. Knowledge Management (KM) seeks to systematically improve that capacity. The first critical step for implementing KM in organizations is the Knowledge Audit. Current audit practices use interviews and questionnaires to(More)
Development of troubleshooting software is an attractive area of research for agent based system developers. In this project, we attempt to use ontologies extracted from different textual resources to automatically construct a troubleshooting virtual expert. In our solution, we verify the information about the structure of the system extracted from the(More)
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