Steven Gray

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The analysis of a corpus of micro-blogs on the topic of the 2011 UK referendum about the Alternative Vote has been undertaken as a joint activity by text miners and social scientists. To facilitate the collaboration, the corpus and its analysis is managed in a Web-accessible framework that allows users to upload their own textual data for analysis and to(More)
Dashboards which collect and display real-time streamed data from a variety of rudimentary sensors positioned in the built environment provide an immediate portal for decision-makers to get some sense of their city and environment. These devices are linked to previous renditions of control and management of real time services in cities, particularly(More)
Emergent Internet of Things (IoT) based technologies offer the potential for new ways in engaging with places, spaces and objects. The use of mobile and tablet computing linked specifically to objects and memory, comment and narrative creation opens up a potentially game-changing methodology in user interaction above and beyond the traditional 'kiosk' type(More)
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