Steven Gonzalez

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Data on antimicrobial use play a key role in the development of policies for the containment of antimicrobial resistance. On-farm data could provide a detailed overview of the antimicrobial use, but technical and methodological aspects of data collection and interpretation, as well as data quality need to be further assessed. The aims of this study were (1)(More)
Recent studies indicate that the antral follicle population may be of paramount importance to improve reproductive performance in cows. There is already an agreement that the antral follicle count (AFC; follicles ≥3 mm in diameter) is a highly variable trait among animals, but with high repeatability in the same individual. Thus, females can be classified(More)
This paper presents new concepts in the study of folliculogenesis and describes some of the current applications to reproductive biotechnology. The importance of better understanding this issue is addressed both for basic and applied research. After a brief review of the basic conceptions of the origin, formation, and growth of follicles according to(More)
In recent years, neural networks have received an increasing amount of attention among macroeconomic forecasters because of their potential to detect and reproduce linear and nonlinear relationships among a set of variables. This paper provides a highly accessible introduction to neural networks and establishes several parallels with standard econometric(More)
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