Steven Goldfarb

Homer A Neal2
Mick Storr1
Jeremy Herr1
2Homer A Neal
1Mick Storr
1Jeremy Herr
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A new software architectural model for the archival of slide-based presentations on the Internet is proposed. This architecture is based on the concept of the " lecture object, " a persistent format, independent of the lecture production and viewing technology. The work has been undertaken in the context of the Web Lecture Archive Project, a collaboration(More)
This paper presents a platform that enables composers to generate unique auditory representations of real-time particle collision data from the ATLAS experiment at CERN. An associated web page then enables the public to listen to real-time experimental data through the aesthetic lens of selected artists. The current tool is built in collaboration with the(More)
Large scientific collaborations as well as universities have a growing need for multimedia archiving of meetings and courses. Collaborations need to disseminate training and news to their wide-ranging members, and universities seek to provide their students with more useful studying tools. The University of Michigan ATLAS Collaboratory Project has been(More)
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