Steven Goldfarb

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This paper summarizes the results of a project to develop an electronic repository of “contentrich” lectures, talks, and training activities on the World-Wide Web. The work was carried out from July 1999 to July 2001 by a collaboration consisting of the University of Michigan ATLAS Collaboratory Project, the University of Michigan Media Union, the CERN HR(More)
This document outlines a proposal for the development of an electronic archive system for lectures, tutorials and other slide-based presentations at CERN. The program is based on the implementation of existing software designed to synchronize electronic slide presentations with audio/video recordings through an integrated web interface featuring full(More)
This paper presents a platform that enables composers to generate unique auditory representations of real-time particle collision data from the ATLAS experiment at CERN. An associated web page then enables the public to listen to real-time experimental data through the aesthetic lens of selected artists. The current tool is built in collaboration with the(More)
I report on current activities in the domain of Collaborative Tools, focusing on development for the LHC collaborations [1] and HENP (High Energy and Nuclear Physics), in general, including audio and video conferencing, web archiving, and secure collaborative environments. This note addresses the follow-up to the LCG RTAG 12 Final Report [2] (presented at(More)
This document presents an assessment of the current and expected needs of the ATLAS Collaboration in the development, deployment, usage, and maintenance of collaborative tools to facilitate its internal and external communications, member training, education, and public outreach. It is prepared in response to a request by the ATLAS management to investigate(More)
We present a sonification platform for generating audio driven by real-time particle collision data from the ATLAS experiment at CERN. This paper provides a description of the data-to-audio mapping interfaces supported by the project’s composition tool as well as a preliminary evaluation of the platform’s evolution to meet the aesthetic needs of vastly(More)
The Web Lecture Archive Project (WLAP) is a joint project between the University of Michigan and CERN [1] that has recorded, archived and published web-based lectures and tutorials for the ATLAS Collaboration, the LHC, CERN, and the University since 1999. This paper presents an overview of the project, its history, achievements and current projects. In this(More)
Large scientific collaborations as well as universities have a growing need for multimedia archiving of meetings and courses. Collaborations need to disseminate training and news to their wide-ranging members, and universities seek to provide their students with more useful studying tools. The University of Michigan ATLAS Collaboratory Project has been(More)
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