Steven Glen

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Based on self-rating questionnaire evaluation of symptoms of major affective disorder, 67% of patients who presented to a major sleep disorders center reported an episode of depression within the previous 5 years, and 26% described themselves as depressed at presentation. Furthermore, patients with sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or sleep-related periodic leg(More)
26 patients were studied to assess the association between iron deficiency and akathisia. 13 akathisic patients were matched with 13 non-akathisic controls. Serum iron and percentage saturation were significantly decreased in the akathisic group, whereas total iron-binding capacity was significantly increased. A negative correlation between serum iron and(More)
  • S Glen
  • 2004
BACKGROUND The need for routine medical examinations of sport divers in the Scottish Sub-Aqua Club (Scot-SAC) was revised in March 2000, and a new system using a self administered screening questionnaire was developed to allow divers to be assessed when necessary by doctors with diving medicine experience. OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of the new medical(More)
The purpose of this research i s t o p r o vide improvements in the harmonic balance technique for the simulation of large microwave circuits. The harmonic balance technique becomes less eecient with an increase in circuit size, as the nonlinear system of equations to be solved becomes large. Since a Jacobian matrix of rank N costs O(N 3) oating point(More)
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