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Poverty, food insecurity, and hunger are increasing across the Nation as Federal, State, and local economies continue to struggle. Meeting nutritional needs is particularly troublesome for poor families: More than 12 million households (11.1 percent) have reported food-related hardships due to insufficient resources; 3.8 million (3.5 percent) households(More)
The primary objective of the Iowa Centenarian Study is to further our understanding of determinants of exceptional longevity above and beyond health outcomes, particularly in rural environments. This introductory article provides a general overview of the study, its methodology and basic descriptive results. One hundred and fifty-two centenarians from a(More)
Much information is available about physical and functional health among very old adults, but little knowledge exists about the mental health and mental health changes in very late life. This study reports findings concerning positive and negative affect changes among centenarians. Nineteen centenarians from a Midwestern state participated in four(More)
This paper examines welfare participation dynamics during 1993–96, the initial years of Iowa's welfare reform, a reform remarkably similar to the state's current Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. Analyses of the Family Investment Program (FIP) participation over the program's first two years show that, on average, FIP recipients stayed(More)
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