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We present DIVERSE, a highly modular collection of complimentary software packages designed to facilitate the creation of device independent virtual environments. DIVERSE is free/open source software, containing both end-user programs and C++ APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). DgiPf is the DIVERSE graphics interface to OpenGL Performer™. A program(More)
Spatial-temporal correlations in the startup-up flow of colloidal suspensions composed of attractive spherical particles under static and shear conditions are studied by computer simulation. The evolution of particle organization with time is followed as equilibrium is approached. The time dependence of the radial distribution and organization of nearest(More)
Methods are presented for organizing and integrating DNA sequence data, restriction maps, and genetic maps for the same organism but from a variety of sources (databases, publications, personal communications). Proper software tools are essential for successful organization of such diverse data into an ordered, cohesive body of information, and a suite of(More)
This paper describes a set of tools for performing measurements of objects in a virtual reality based immersive visualization environment. These tools enable the use of the immersive environment as an instrument for extracting quantitative information from data representations that hitherto had be used solely for qualitative examination. We provide, within(More)
This is the second in a series of articles describing a wide variety of projects at NIST that synergistically combine physical science and information science. It describes, through examples, how the Scientific Applications and Visualization Group (SAVG) at NIST has utilized high performance parallel computing, visualization, and machine learning to(More)
This paper describes CAMILL, a system for computer aided milling of ship hull models defined with interactive graphics. The major hardware components of CAMILL are a mini-computer based refresh display and a three axis numerically controlled milling machine. For hardcopy documentation there is a large flatbed plotter. The two major software components are(More)