Steven G. Gabbe

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The International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups (IADPSG) was formed in 1998 as an umbrella organization to facilitate collaboration between the various regional and national groups that have a primary or significant focus on diabetes and pregnancy. The principal objectives of IADPSG are to foster an international approach to enhancing(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the frequency, indications, and complications of cesarean hysterectomy. METHODS This was a prospective, 2-year observational study at 13 academic medical centers conducted between January 1, 1999, and December 31, 2000, on all women who underwent a hysterectomy at the time of cesarean delivery. Data were abstracted from the medical(More)
Ultrasound records were examined retrospectively in the cases of 70 fetuses with open spina bifida diagnosed by ultrasonography at 16-23 weeks' gestation. Biparietal diameter was below the 5th centile for gestation in 61% and head circumference measurements in 26%. The anterior horn of the lateral cerebral ventricle to hemisphere ratio was above the 95th(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine which factors influence the likelihood of successful trial of labor (TOL) after 1 previous cesarean delivery (CD). STUDY DESIGN We performed a multicenter 4-year prospective observational study (1999-2002) of all women with previous CD undergoing TOL. Women with term singleton pregnancies with 1(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether the risk for uterine rupture is increased in women attempting vaginal birth after multiple cesarean deliveries. METHODS We conducted a prospective multicenter observational study of women with prior cesarean delivery undergoing trial of labor and elective repeat operation. Maternal and perinatal outcomes were compared among(More)
BACKGROUND Previous trials have shown that repeat courses of antenatal corticosteroids improve some neonatal outcomes in preterm infants but reduce birth weight and increase the risk of intrauterine growth restriction. We report long-term follow-up results of children enrolled in a randomized trial comparing single and repeat courses of antenatal(More)
The National Diabetes Education Program joins the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (the College) to promote opportunities for obstetrician-gynecologists (ob-gyns) and other primary care providers to better meet the long-term health needs of women with prior gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and their children. Up to one third of GDM(More)
Serial ultrasound examinations were performed during the third trimester in 79 pregnant women with diabetes to establish the onset of accelerated fetal growth. At least three ultrasound examinations were performed, with a minimum scan interval of 2 weeks. Growth curves constructed for femur length and head circumference were similar for fetuses appropriate(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare practice patterns of the American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists (ACOG) Fellows for the diagnosis and treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) and type 1 diabetes mellitus with current ACOG recommendations and prior published series. METHODS We sent a questionnaire to 1,398 practicing ACOG Fellows and Junior(More)
OBJECTIVE Glycemic control, perinatal outcome, and health care costs were evaluated among women with type 1 diabetes mellitus who began insulin pump therapy during pregnancy (group 1, n = 24), were treated with multiple insulin injections (group 2, n = 24), or were already using an insulin pump before pregnancy (group 3, n = 12). Patient satisfaction and(More)