Steven G. Decker

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Local energetics diagnostics of the life cycles of consecutive, explosively deepening, extratropical cyclones that migrated across central North America in April 2001 are presented. Both storms developed rapidly and followed nearly identical tracks through the region. Despite similar mature-stage intensities, the two storms underwent vastly different(More)
This study presents the first evidence for the occurrence of a downslope windstorm in New Jersey. During the early morning hours of 4 January 2009, an unanticipated strong wind event was observed. Despite a zone forecast calling for winds less than 4 m s 21 issued 4 h prior to the event, winds up to 23 m s 21 were reported at High Point, New Jersey(More)
The growing deployment of OpenFlow/SDN networks makes it increasingly possible to leverage network multicast services. This work proposes a novel cross-layer Multicast-Push Unicast Pull (MPUP) architecture that includes functionality in the application, transport and link layers to offer users a reliable file-stream distribution service to multiple(More)
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