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Better visualization of cardiac structures is an advantage of transesophageal echocardiography (TEE). Because of this, the transesophageal approach is an essential window in the assessment of various cardiovascular disorders. Quick consecutive access to this instrument should not be delayed by time-consuming cleansing procedures of the probe. In this study(More)
Word fluency in 45 medicated non-demented Parkinson's disease (PD) patients and 45 normal control subjects was studied with a Phonemic Word Fluency (PWF) task using the letters F, A, and S, a Semantic Word Fluency (SWF) task using the categories animals, boys' names, and states, and an Alternating Word Fluency (AWF) task requiring the person to alternate(More)
Bei 100 Geburten fand sich in 40% in der Eröffnungsperiode ein pH-Wert-Abfall im fetalen Blut von mehr als 0,02 Einheiten. Ein aktueller pH-Wert von 7,25 wurde nie erreicht. In rund 60% dieser Fälle stand der fetale pH-Abfall mit einer Senkung des pH-Wertes im mütterlichen Blut im Zusammenhang. Dies gilt auch für 4 von 10 Fällen, bei denen variable(More)
An unusual floating mass was detected in the right atrium of a 71-year-old man with liver cirrhosis and intractable ascites using two-dimensional echocardiography. The mass was caused by the venous tip of a Denver peritoneovenous shunt. Shunt patency could be assessed easily by compression of the pump body; this maneuver resulted in a laminar or turbulent(More)
We studied a new Doppler echocardiographic approach in 56 patients with valvular aortic stenosis from the right ventricular apex (AS-RV) and compared the transvalvular gradients with the results of the standard view from the left ventricular apex (AS-LV). AS-RV resulted in good or acceptable velocity curves in 59% of patients. The correlation between the(More)
Th 1165 a zeigte in der angegebeuen Dosierung eine signifikante Wirkungsiiberlegenheit. In ~iber 70% der Fglle konnte eine vollstgndige Tokolyse erreieht werden, diese war mit Buphenin nur in unter 10% der l~glle zu erzielen. Weiterhin wurde Th 1165a in diesen s innerhalb yon 5 Minuten naeh Infusionsbeginn roll wirksam, Buphenin dagegen erst nach 20(More)
This study reviews the initial clinical experience using a portable computed tomographic (CT) scanner in the trauma resuscitation unit (TRU), intensive care units (ICUs), and operating rooms (ORs) of a large trauma center. Data were collected on the first 200 patients scanned within the trauma center (including 92 in the TRU, 92 in the ICUs, and 16 in the(More)
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