Steven Feinberg

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Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) remains a challenging condition to diagnose and treat. There are few large-scale, randomized trials of pharmacologic agents, and most published studies are small, uncontrolled, or presented only in abstract form at meetings. The most commonly used agents, such as anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and opiates, have been(More)
Male rats more than 11/2 years of age were injected with45Ca2+. Some were starved for 4, 9, and 15 days beginning one day later. Others were starved beginning 35 days after receiving the label, and still others were injected with prednisolone until 30% weight loss was induced, although the latter did not receive45Ca2+. In the starved animals, weight losses(More)
Glottal dysplasia is likely the most common laryngeal disease with a discernible lesion; however, investigations describing its initial anatomic geographic presentation are rare. To examine this, we identified 52 patients who did not have significant prior treatment or glottal cancer. Thirty-one patients had bilateral disease, so there were 83 vocal folds(More)
Extrusion of an implant after medialization laryngoplasty is unusual and warrants removal. Most commonly, it extrudes through the laryngeal introitus, but rarely, it extrudes through the pyriform sinus. A case report in which 2.5 feet (76 cm) of polytetrafluoroethylene (Gore-Tex) was removed from an 80-year-old female patient is presented to evaluate(More)
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