Steven F Pugh

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Management of hepatitis C virus (HCV)-infected individuals requires referral to specialist care. To determine whether patients newly diagnosed as anti-HCV positive are appropriately referred for further investigation and management, and if not, to determine why not. We studied patients tested for antibodies to HCV by Nottingham Public Health Laboratory in a(More)
Endocervical swabs from 212 women and urethral swabs from 100 men were tested by the routine methods for McCoy cell culture and simultaneously by a novel enzyme amplified immunoassay test to detect chlamydia antigen. Overall correlation of the amplified test with culture was 96.5%. The test proved to be a suitable screening procedure for genital chlamydial(More)
The relation of leg, shoulder, and grip strength to ball speed in the tennis serve was investigated. For 15 collegiate male tennis players, leg and shoulder strength were measured using a Lido Active isokinetic dynamometer, grip strength with a handgrip dynamometer, and ball speed with a radar gun. Regression analysis showed no significant (p<.05)(More)
Four fluorescent antibody reagents were evaluated for their suitability for the identification of adenovirus isolates by immunofluorescence. The antibodies used in the reagents consist of monoclonal antibodies against adenovirus type 3 (Ad3), Ad4, Ad8, and adenoviruses of subgroup C (Ad1,2,5,6), serotypes known to occur in outbreaks of disease. Most of the(More)
  • S F Pugh
  • Journal of clinical pathology
  • 1984
IgM antibody capture radioimmunoassays were developed to detect coxsackie virus B1-B5 specific IgM. Specific IgM was detected in sera from all patients with coxsackie B virus infections proved by isolation; however, sera from 13/32 patients with rising neutralising antibody titres were negative in the assay. Frequent heterotypic responses were seen among(More)
The toxoplasma serological status of 50 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) was compared with that of 50 healthy controls; high titres of toxoplasma antibody were significantly more common in the patients with SLE. These titres did not correlate with any of the routinely measured indices in SLE nor with the patients' prior treatment. A case(More)
The effects of specific versus variable practice on retention and transfer was investigated. 30 participants were randomly assigned to one of three practice conditions. The variable speed group practiced on a pursuit rotor task at three different speeds (60, 45, 30 rpm) which were randomly distributed but equal in number for 30 10-sec. trials on Day 1. The(More)
CONTEXT Generalizability theory is an appropriate method for determining the reliability of measurements obtained across more than a single facet. In the clinical and research settings, ankle-complex laxity assessment may be performed using different examiners and multiple trials. OBJECTIVE To determine the reliability of ankle-complex laxity measurements(More)
The annual number of confirmed cases of Legionnaires' disease in both Nottingham, and England and Wales, reached a peak in 1980 and has since declined. Legionella infection is a rare cause of community-acquired pneumonia managed at home (accounting for less than 1% of cases), more common in those admitted to hospital (5-15%) and more common still in(More)