Steven Evans

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The purpose of this study was to investigate potential improvements in the methodology associated with the Physical Working Capacity at the Fatigue Threshold (PWCFT) test including: (1) the use of a continuous test protocol; (2) the use of a treadmill; (3) the use of a bipolar EMG lead system for noisy electronic environments; and (4) the potential for(More)
In an attempt to quantify the difference in tissue damage between open cholecystectomy (OC) and laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC), we have compared in a prospective manner the pre- and postoperative concentrations of serum C-reactive protein (CRP) in 17 patients undergoing LC and 13 patients undergoing OC. In addition, we measured the pre- and postoperative(More)
Pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines are important mediators in the host response to infection. In contrast to the pro-inflammatory cytokines little is known about anti-inflammatory cytokines in community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) and their relation to disease severity. Circulating levels of three pro-inflammatory cytokines (interleukin(More)
Sputum isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA) is associated with extensive disease in bronchiectasis. It is not known, however, whether infection with P. aeruginosa is the result or the cause of severe disease. We compared spirometry in patients with bronchiectasis before and after infection with P. aeruginosa, with that of patients infected by other(More)
BACKGROUND A study was undertaken to determine if there are differences in the radiological appearances at presentation between pulmonary infections caused by Mycobacterium kansasii and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Correct recognition of the organism has important implications with regard to initial therapy and contact tracing. METHODS The initial chest(More)
BACKGROUND Several studies have suggested that the respiratory muscles are weak in patients with heart failure, but the aetiology and clinical relevance of this weakness are unclear. In order to see if respiratory muscle weakness in this context is part of a more generalised myopathic process, respiratory and limb muscle strength were compared in patients(More)
BACKGROUND In the United Kingdom Mycobacterium kansasii is the most common pulmonary non-tuberculous mycobacteria to cause disease in the non-HIV positive population. METHODS The clinical features, treatment, and outcome of 47 patients (13 women) of mean (SD) age 58 (17) years with culture positive pulmonary M kansasii infection were compared with those(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to compare the radiographic features seen at presentation of pulmonary infections caused by Mycobacterium malmoense and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The correct differential diagnosis has important therapeutic implications. MATERIALS AND METHODS The initial radiographs of 16 patients who had proved pulmonary M.(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare the power outputs associated with the onset of neuromuscular fatigue in the superficial muscles of the quadriceps femoris group by simultaneously monitoring the EMG activity from the vastus lateralis (VL), vastus medialis (VM) and rectus femoris (RF) muscles during a Physical Working Capacity at the Fatigue Threshold(More)