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Social comparison processes include the desire to affiliate with others, the desire for information about others, and explicit self-evaluation against others. Previously these types of comparison activity and their corresponding measures have been treated as interchangeable. We present evidence that in certain groups under threat, these comparison(More)
A method was presented to transform sampled machine positional data obtained from a global positioning system (GPS) receiver into a two-dimensional raster map of number of passes as a function of location. The effect of three sources of error in the transformation process were investigated: path sampling rate (receiver sampling frequency); output raster(More)
BACKGROUND Endometrial cancer is the most common gynaecological malignancy in the United Kingdom. Diagnosis currently involves subjective expert interpretation of highly processed tissue, primarily using microscopy. Previous work has shown that infrared (IR) spectroscopy can be used to distinguish between benign and malignant cells in a variety of tissue(More)
This paper reviews recent research and operational applications of using GPS as a tool to help monitor the locations, travel patterns, performance, and productivity of forest machines. The accuracy of dynamic GPS data collected on forest machines under different levels of forest canopy is reviewed first. Then, the paper focuses on the use of GPS for(More)
BACKGROUND Tamoxifen has anti-oestrogenic and anti-tumour activity in the breast, but is oestrogenic and carcinogenic in the endometrium. It can induce experimental tumours by both hormonal and DNA-damaging mechanisms, but its carcinogenic mode of action in human endometrium remains unclear. METHODS We investigated whether an epigenetic mechanism,(More)
High-speed chains or rotating disks are commonly used to cut and process trees during forest harvesting operations. Mechanical failure or fatigue of these tools can lead to a potentially hazardous situation where fragments of chain or sawteeth are thrown through the operator enclosures on forest machines. Therefore, a test device is needed to evaluate the(More)
Three methods of dispatching trucks to loggers were tested using a log transport simulation model: random allocation, fixed assignment of trucks to loggers, and dispatch based on knowledge of the current status of trucks and loggers within the system. This 'informed' dispatch algorithm attempted to minimize the difference in time between when a logger would(More)
Interest in portable bridge systems has increased in the U.S. due to heightened awareness for reducing environmental impacts and costs associated with road stream crossings. This paper presents case studies of portable bridges constructed with longitudinal glued-laminated timber decks and it discusses appropriate levels of strength design criteria for(More)