Steven E. Stegner

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Mathematical models of source credibility were tested in five experiments in which judges estimated the value of hypothetical used cars based on blue book value and/or estimates provided by sources who examined the cars. The sources varied in mechanical expertise and in bias; they were described as friends of the buyer or seller of the car or as neutral.(More)
Subjects judged both "ratios" of loudness and "differences" in loudness between pairs of tones that varied in intensity. The pairs were constructed from factorial designs, permitting separation of stimulus and response scaling for each subject. Ratings of "differences" and estimations of "ratios" were monotonically related, inconsistent with the hypothesis(More)
Four groups of rats, continuously exposed to one of two lead acetate solutions, ad lib water or a limited amount of water, were tested for three daily 5 min periods on the open field. The effects of treatment on activity, relative to animals drinking ad lib water, depended upon the concentration of the lead acetate solution. Animals exposed to a 10(-4) M(More)
Rats continuously exposed to lead acetate solutions were tested on a visual discrimination reversal problem, on the open field and in 2 shuttle avoidance situations. High lead intake produced slower acquisition of the visual discrimination problem but had no effect on reversal performance. High lead intake reduced activity on the open field and improved(More)
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